SEAMless Mobility: Shared, Electric, Autonomous, Multimodal Mobility as a sustainable form of transportation

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    Over the next decade, there will be a 20% increase in the size of the urban population, as about

    1 billion people move into cities. In 25 years, a forecasted 6 billion people will be living in urban

    areas – approximately 80% of the entire population of Earth today. If the rate of personal car

    adoption continues on today’s pace, congestion and pollution will stifle our cities. To meet the

    mobility needs of this population, a SEAMlessTM mobility model needs to be implemented:

    Shared, Electric, Autonomous, Multimodal mobility that is seamlessly connected by technology

    providing complete information to citizens about mobility options. Such a system would

    incentivize those who make the most environmentally friendly mobility decisions while ensuring

    that those who don’t, bear the full cost of their choice.