Vision for 2030: The popularity of unmanned cars will no longer be a dream

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    On October 17th, at the fourth annual 2013 Global Automotive Forums a session was held to discuss the advancement of in car technology under the title of “Vision for Cars in 2013 and Beyond”. Delegates from world famous automotive suppliers such as Bosch,, Delphi, Magna and Pinnacle engine business representatives gathered together to forecast the future development trends within the automotive industry.

    With the development of Google’s autonomous vehicle resulted in global attention, this technology has attracted great attention in the automotive industry, especially as Google is a software company rather than hardware or even an automotive focused company

    When talking over the possibilities for automotive technology in 2030, all the participants mentioned the unmanned vehicle. Mr. Chen Yu Dong, the president of Bosch China Investment Co. Ltd was quoted as saying: “Unmanned vehicles are a new but rapidly growing development trend for the future. Currently more than 90% of road traffic incidents were caused by driver error. The ultimate goal of car safety is autonomous driving and to eliminate human intervention.”

    “We can be sure that the cars in 2030 are currently unimaginable. Existing technology can at least allow us to dream of realizing the automation of driving before 2030.In the future we can play games when driving cars, which will be very safe.” said by Dr .Ralf Cramer, President and CEO of Continental China, Member of the Executive Board of Continental AG China and Germany.

    In order to realize autonomous driving dreams and greater safety performance, major parts suppliers are stepping up the research and development work. “Bosch has received the German government’s approval for an unmanned test. We’ll continue to develop new products. Some technologies and trends from this process will provide more convenience for safe driving, for example products avoiding collision and pedestrian injury will be used in more models.” Chen Yudong said. Dr .Ralf Cramer revealed that thousands of personnel at Continental China are dedicated to the research of safe driving support systems, with these systems eventually forming the important foundation for future unmanned driving vehicles.

    Frank O’Brien, the Executive Vice President for Asia at Magna International Inc was quoted as saying: “What makes the automotive industry worried is that unmanned driving technology not only involves the development of security technology but also is related to the government legal norms. If legal improvement is not synchronous, the application of unmanned driving technology will be affected.” Technology is developing very fast, but the regulations are slow, which make technology limited. I believe we will realize unmanned driving in few years, but will the it allowed by the government?” “What kind of automation will be allowed by government? This is a problem.”

    Jeffrey J.Owens , the Chief Technology Officer & Executive Vice president of Delphli USA, said: “The trend of future development is increased levels of development. In three US states, including Nevada, self driving car test regulations have been passed. Recently, European governments have also begun to allow automatic driving vehicle testing on expressway.” The active support of the government is especially helpful in accelerating the application of unmanned technology with eventual roll out into mass market vehicles.

    Electrification and connectivity will become an important trend of future vehicle development besides automation. ”There is a long way before we realize the ultimate goal. In my opinion, the proportion of electric cars sold every year will grow bigger by 2013 despite small number at present. Once the crucial technology barrier of increasing the battery density is conquered, less and lighter battery can be produced and mass production can be realized.” said Mr. Chen Yudong.

    “Power system is the field where big changes will happen in the future. We believe that including electric cars, bio fuel, and fuel cell, all of these will realize the optimization.” Frank O’ Brien said.

    “Speaking of new energy cars, situations are diversified in different countries. In Germany, many institutions are carrying out research into new energy vehicles. This work is a big challenge and calls for lots of engineers. I know little about China, but I think big cities, such as Beijing and Shanghai can be pilot markets to popularize electric cars.” said Dr .Ralf Cramer.

    Automotive connectivity technology should be applied in wider range to produce autonomous vehicles to guarantee higher levels of safety. Mr. Jeffrey J. Owens remarked that with the development of electronic technology, the method of information processing can be improved. Better information managing technology will be applied to back up the system possibly comprised of 200 computers with remote information processing technology which will be used between cars and infrastructure by 2030 allowing for reduced accidents and eventually a lower death rate on the roads.