Czech Republic: DPMB to test three types of electric buses

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    Czech Republic: DPMB to test three types of electric buses

    mardi 16 juillet 2013 19:16

    In the Czech Republic, the public transport provider in Brno, Dopravni Podnik Mesta Brna (DPMB) is going to test three types of electric buses

    between mid July and beginning of October 2013. Firstly DPMB will test Lithuanian made AMZ electric bus for 80 passengers in July2013, followed by tests of the Czech made Stratos electric bus with capacity for 29 people in August 2013. Testing of the third type from Siemens-Rampini made by Siemens, lent to DPMB by Viennese public transport provider, will be carried out between 7 and 11 October 2013. The Siemens electric bus, which is capable of recharging its battery from the trolley network, will be the first of its kind to be tested in the country. According to DPMB's spokeswoman, it is yet unknown if and how many electric buses would the company order. The first one have been operational in Ostrava, where currently the public transport operator DPO owns four Czech made SOR ENB 10.5 electric buses from SOR Libchavy. Other Czech towns are considering a purchase of electric buses for their fleet.


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