Quimera landing in Mexico with FEMSA

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    Quimera landing in Mexico with FEMSA     

        Quimera has recently kicked-off a sustainable mobility project for a new key client in Mexico.

        In April this year, Quimera, an international company providing sustainable solutions in the field of energy and mobility, started an important consultancy project for FEMSA (Fomento Economico Mexicano S.A.B. de C.V.), a leading international company based in Latin America. FEMSA’s credentials include its position as the world's largest franchise bottler for Coca-Cola, its status as one of the major shareholders in Heineken and owner of the small-format chain stores OXXO.

        With this important project Quimera expands its operations in the Latin American market and Mexico. The project will provide a roadmap towards the development of sustainable mobility solutions as part of a strategy to improve the company’s operations efficiency whilst reducing its environmental impact.

        At the end of May this year, a Quimera delegation visited FEMSA headquarters, in Monterrey, Mexico, in order to assess directly their logistics operations and support them with the right strategy to move towards a sustainable fleet. Quimera is excited by the challenges of this large project, in which its economies of scale (FEMSA’s fleet exceeds 20,000 vehicles) promises the possibility to assess new vehicle developments within the three different company divisions.

        According to the fleet assessment results, Quimera’s team will define the strategy and roadmap to continue their efforts towards innovative sustainable technologies, taking into account not only their potential greenhouse gas emission reductions, but based also their economic feasibility and technology maturity.

        FEMSA is part of the growing ranks of companies looking for a more responsible, efficient and sustainable way to carry out their business activities. Quimera, with its extensive knowledge in the development and implementation of sustainable technologies, is well poised to participate in the potential business opportunities that this sustainability/CSR market trend may bring.

        Currently, Quimera Mobility Management is expanding its activities in China and Latin America across a range of engineering projects with the support of the multinational company, Altran, with which it has established a relationship of long-term strategic partnership.

        About Quimera. Quimera is an international company that provides its clients with sustainable solutions in the field of energy and mobility. Quimera started activity in 2009 and since then has gained extensive knowledge and experience in the sustainability and innovative technologies introducing them into businesses and cities. Initially, Quimera began in sustainable mobility projects, which have positioned them as one of the world’s leading specialists in this field.  As an example, Quimera has developed several prototypes of electric vehicles and has established a close partnership with Altran, the largest engineering company in Europe. In 2011 Quimera launched its energy division specialising in the development of energy efficiency projects focused on reducing costs and promoting distributed energy systems using sustainable technologies. Since then, Quimera has been working in different sectors such as tourism and food & beverage.